Experimenting with high key photographs in the studio.




A Summer Drink

For me summer means spending time at the cabin, sitting on the back porch the sound of nature surrounding me, the addition of a fresh cold drink on a warm summer’s eve always hits the spot.

Summer drinks at sunset

Grand Day Out

On November 4th 2017 I had the opportunity to photograph an ISU and UC Davis football game.

I vastly underestimated the light inside of ISU’s Holt Arena and battled grain for the majority of the night. I also lost many of my establishing shots due to an incident involving an SD card, a toilet, and my 18 month old (yes…goodbye SD card). With all that said, this was a fantastic learning experience and opportunity for me.

ISU ended up losing the game, however, they played hard and it was a joy to watch.

Cheer-Arbon (4)
ISU cheerleaders pumping up the crowd before the game begins. 
The ISU football team entering the field. GAME TIME!
Coin Toss-Arbon
Coin Toss
Game-Arbon (17)
Stiff Arm
Crowd-Arbon (2)
Game-Arbon (11)
Game-Arbon (8)
UC Davis interception